Gudrun Jonsson has clients all over the world, from the very famous to the very non-famous.  Her discretion and direct manner are contagious, and she has never had to advertise or market her services.  She may be booked up for weeks or months in advance, yet somehow always manages to find time to help those who really need help more urgently than others.  Testimonials are numerous, but here are just a few to illustrate the nature of her treatments and how all clients enjoying visiting Gudrun as a friend, not just their practitioner.



“Gudrun, you are the best ‘plumber’ I know!”


One of the best things about living in London, when I did, was meeting Gudrun.  I have become such a believer I’ve often dragged her across the pond to New York.  She helps the people I love and continues to prod me from afar.  I highly recommend her, and advise starting as young as you can. – New York.


“On Gudrun’s programme I ate more, weighed less, and restored my mental clarity.”


Gudrun Jonsson has a remarkable ability to look at someone and tell them not only what is wrong but what they need to do and how to do it.  She says it with both frankness and authority, and I found myself listening and taking action immediately.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  If you have teenagers, start them on the right path – it will be a priceless present to give. – Los Angeles


“I’ve got a very good gut feeling about Gudrun and her work.”


“This regime is easy to stick to because it not only makes perfect sense but it works. You feel better, you look better, you are better.”


“In 1986, for six months traditional medicine tried – and failed – to sort out the after-effects of salmonella. Gudrun helped me to heal within a fortnight, as well as teaching me to strengthen my immune system and maintain a healthy metabolism.”


“I shall be eternally grateful to Nickolas Grace, who gave me his appointment with Gudrun when I was in a state of crisis in my personal and professional life. Gudrun pulled me back to ‘Normal’ with amazing speed and I always look forward to my regular maintenance visits.”


“Gudrun’s eating plan is enormously popular for a simple reason: it lets you enjoy eating, gives you more energy and helps you lose weight all at once.” BL

“Gudrun, I have been following your advice and have been taking the supplements as you suggested. My sleep has already got better. My level of energy is good and I feel more balanced, happier and more satisfied with myself. No negative reaction from my body (bye, bye constipation). On the contrary, I feel I have an increased desire for food – for food that nourishes me. No sign of my periods as yet, although I do feel all the symptoms. As you said, we have to wait.”SN

Many thanks again for helping me get back in shape mentally, physically and emotionally. I really like your approach to health and to food. I instinctively felt a great sense of relief when you recommended I ‘try not to be perfect’. Thank you. You seem to have read my life story so thoroughly from my body. I could not have been happier to have met you.”  AN