My friend Henry, from the allotment, got really sick over Easter and had a very badly inflamed pancreas, so he went off to hospital,
stayed a few days,
and they told him he needed to be back in about 8 weeks and have a clamp put in because they thought too much bile was going down and irritating his stomach. And… he asked me for advice!

And I said, ‘The thing is, I always say the same- to stop all the wrong food you’re eating.’ And he did, and surprised everybody!

When he went back to have the clamp put on his gal bladder, it had all cleared out! So there we were, all so surprised that he’d managed to clear out his bile duct inside six weeks and they didn’t need to do that, that little operation. So that was all fantastic!

That’s my really, good news and now I hope he stays on a good diet. But he surprised me a lot.  I didn’t think it was possible for him to cut out all the wrong food; and that just by doing a good diet, so much could change so quickly.

Love from here,