It wasn’t until I’d finished singing that it really dawned on me that the sustained legato lines I had just enjoyed performing would have been impossible eight months ago.

I had begun to assume that my lack of energy, creaking, stiff joints and shortness of breath were merely age related and indicated hanging up my larynx and quitting the stage a little earlier than I would have wished.

The P.P.I.s I’d been on for eight years, to control acid reflux, seemed to have stopped working and my whole inside felt like a boiling cauldron of acid irritation. I was feeling unfocused and getting dizzy spells and intermittent nose bleeds. In short intuition told me I was shaping up for something bad. It also told me, that being prescribed further drugs was not the answer, So having heard about Gudrun Jonsson and “Gut Reaction” from a friend who had greatly benefited from her treatment, I decided that sound knowledge about how the digestive system works might prove a more fruitful path!

Thank goodness I did. Within four weeks of following her nutritional advice, in tandem with the reflexology treatment, the dizzy spells and nose bleeds had ceased and I had begun to lose weight, something I’d found impossible to control for about two years. Slowly I changed shape, a waist reappeared and ankles re-emerged from puffiness, a chin or two started to vanish, and best of all my energy began to return.

Now, six months later and two stone lighter, my brain clearer, my body more supple and free of the P.P.I.s, I’ve put retiring on hold, and know that I have a reliable regime and the discipline, to keep me in good heart and fettle.