Gudrun Jonsson

Best selling author, Gudrun Jonsson believes if you can understand your digestive system, you can and will leap towards health.   In fact, she believes everything changes and moves, and therefore we can reverse symptomatic issues.  Her unique philosophy focuses on a combination of the traditional healing arts from the sub-continent, biopathic treatments, and the latest scientific health, aging and wellness advances.

Based in London and Morroco, Gudrun visits clients worldwide and enjoys both learning and teaching.  Swedish-born Gudrun trained and qualified as a biopath, at the Biopath Clinic and Educational Centre in Copenhagen, before establishing her practice in London. Her success has earned her the respect of both complementary and medical practitioners alike. Gudrun has also written two bestselling books – ‘Gut Reaction’ and ‘The Gut Reaction Eating Plan’ – and has made numerous television appearances.

During her discovery of healing properties she identified several oils essential to ones healing process, and has since developed a unique range of massage oils and healing beauty products containing Argan Oil, which is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. The Night Only serum is used in the treatment of skin conditions ranging from Acne to psoriasis with anti-wrinkle astounding results, and the digestive massage oil used for both acidic balancing as well as other inflammation type issues.

Gudrun Jonsson


Some are born naturally curious and look at the world around them with wide eyes full of questioning and fervent wonder. Gudrun Jonsson’s is one of these curious humans and her passion for living life to the fullest drives her forward to find answers in everything she sees, touches and undertakes. To her, life deserves care, understanding and nurturing. As the world has unfolded and grown over time so has human nature. We are all too often sprinting ahead–too quick to judge, to dismiss and to seek the easy option. Gudrun Jonsson has always sought for a deeper knowledge to unearth the root cause of all things. Quick fixes are not a durable option. Only by understanding problems fully can you then find a solution that resolves it.

Gudrun Jonsson finds her solutions from the earth and ancient remedies. To Gudrun Jonsson a sustainable lifestyle is essential to further connecting ourselves in our surroundings and to preserve nature and the Earth’s power. By taking the time to reflect on our positioning in the world and listen to what our bodies are telling us, we will awaken the pure and simple honesty of wellness. The solution is often to merely simplify.

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Gudrun Jonsson believes all things are influx, and because of this we can change things and we can feel better or at least help ward off feeling unwell.   She believes it starts with understanding and then alkalining your body, and for decades her methods have helped millions of people and animals.  “I love to see people start to feel better and to take charge.   We all know life isn’t easy and yet the good news is, once we get the hang of our bodies our wellness can be a lot less hard than we think.  Be well”   GJ